MOIS Propaganda

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) aggressively distributes fabricated accounts of the Iran-Iraq War to demonize the People's Mojahedin and National Liberation Army (NLA).

The MOIS falsely states the resistance organization joined Saddam's army "during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran" that "killed thousands of Iranian soldiers." It describes the NLA as "Saddam's private army" and claims the PMOI helped Iraq in the "imposed war on Iran."

The MOIS conveniently fails to inform readers in its disinformation articles that Khomeini refused to end the conflict after Iraq sued for peace on June 17, 1982 - 20 months after it began. It never discloses the contributions of the PMOI members who rushed to the front lines to fight Iraqi troops when they invaded Iran. Nor is there any information on the mullahs' rejection of the 1982 ceasefire offered by Iraq.

Khomeini refused to end the conflict, bringing needless misery and suffering to millions of Iranians. The PMOI strongly disagreed with the mullahs' decision to continue hostilities and began a campaign to bring an end to the conflict.

The MOIS never gives credit to the PMOI for forwarding a peace plan that garnered broad international support or recalls Khomeini's refusal to accept a United Nations ceasefire (Resolution No. 514) proposal in July 1982. Iraq endorsed the initiative, but this action is never acknowledged by the MOIS fabricators.

The MOIS rightly draws attention to the Iran's suffering as a result of war. But it is the mullahs who are directly to blame for most of the horror and destruction for they are responsible for needlessly extending the conflict for six more years.

The MOIS wants people to believe the MOIS and NLA collaborated with Iraq to kill Iranians and thus are not popular in Iran. But if this were true the MOIS would not be spending millions of dollars to rewrite history to tarnish the resistance organization by misrepresenting facts and remaining silent about the mullahs' record of shame.

See for additional details on campaigns by the Iran's Ministry of Intelligence to destroy the PMOI and NCRI.